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Kareemy Chicken Farm

Karimi Chicken Farm

Karimi Chicken Farm  has been established on 2008, Abdul Khalid and Abdul Farooq Kareemy invested and started a company with international Standers in Kabul capital of Afghanistan.

The type of corporation that produces chicken meat, eggs, veal and live chicken and halal animal products from our beloved country. of the world. in 2010, Karimi Chicken Farm, with its private investment, created a large cold storage facility with a capacity of 1300 tons of food. In a short time, this company attracted international companies including Unites States of America, Brazil, India and Pakistan. It was able to gain national and international fame and expand the business.


Now we have a new method and with the presence of technical and professional forces, we have taken a step towards self-sufficiency of the country. Afghanistan’s processing and packaging companies are present in the production and commercial markets. Karimi Chicken Farm prevents the importation of chicken meat and eggs and instead produces quality products at the lowest prices throughout Afghanistan. The production of the homeland – the pride of the homeland.