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Yousef Arsalan Residintial Tower

Yousuf Arsalan Residintial towers

Yusuf Arsalan Tower is a residential building located in Kabul province. This tower has 7 floors between the two towers of the Yousuf Arsalan residential project, but it has a unique architecture: two independent wings that differ in base dimensions and height to provide different housing solutions. Towers are specifically distinguished from buildings. In that they were not built to be habitable, Yusuf Arsalan residential complex One of the benchmark projects with international standards under the supervision of Turkish engineers was built in modern style and with heat and cold insulation. With three-room, four-room and six-room duplex apartments with elevator facilities, heating center, equipped parking, green courtyard and open space with 24-hour security system, it is ready for sale and rent at the service of dear citizens. Yusuf Arsalan residential complex, peaceful environment, safe and experience a better life.